Palo Santo (Reserve Collection)

Known for its energizing and purifying powers, Palo Santo is a sophisticated scent that’s smoky with leathery nuances that evoke a sense of mystery.

Palo Santo (Reserve Collection) Hand SoapPalo Santo (Reserve Collection) Hand Soap
Palo Santo (Reserve Collection) Beard OilPalo Santo (Reserve Collection) Beard Oil
Palo Santo (Reserve Collection) Beard & Scruff CreamPalo Santo (Reserve Collection) Beard & Scruff Cream
Palo Santo (Reserve Collection) Beard Wash & SoftenerPalo Santo (Reserve Collection) Beard Wash & Softener
Palo Santo (Reserve Collection) Spray ColognePalo Santo (Reserve Collection) Spray Cologne
Palo Santo (Reserve Collection) Shave CreamPalo Santo (Reserve Collection) Shave Cream
Palo Santo (Reserve Collection) Body WashPalo Santo (Reserve Collection) Body Wash
Palo Santo (Reserve Collection) Exfoliating Body BarPalo Santo (Reserve Collection) Exfoliating Body Bar

Distiller's Blend (Reserve Collection)

A rich, elevated blend with notes of Kentucky Bourbon, Smoked Vetiver, and American Oak. Legendary quality and our most sophisticated scents - that's what Cremo Reserve Collection is all about.

Distiller's Blend (Reserve Collection) Spray CologneDistiller's Blend (Reserve Collection) Spray Cologne
Distiller's Blend (Reserve Collection) Beard & Face WashDistiller's Blend (Reserve Collection) Beard & Face Wash
Distiller's Blend (Reserve Collection) Beard & Scruff SoftenerDistiller's Blend (Reserve Collection) Beard & Scruff Softener
Distiller's Blend (Reserve Collection) Body WashDistiller's Blend (Reserve Collection) Body Wash
Distiller's Blend (Reserve Collection) Shave CreamDistiller's Blend (Reserve Collection) Shave Cream
Distiller's Blend (Reserve Collection) Exfoliating Body BarDistiller's Blend (Reserve Collection) Exfoliating Body Bar
Distiller's Blend (Reserve Collection) Beard OilDistiller's Blend (Reserve Collection) Beard Oil
Distiller's Blend (Reserve Collection) Beard BalmDistiller's Blend (Reserve Collection) Beard Balm
Distiller's Blend (Reserve Collection) Beard & Scruff CreamDistiller's Blend (Reserve Collection) Beard & Scruff Cream
Beard Care Kit - Distiller’s BlendBeard Care Kit - Distiller’s Blend
Body & Shave Kit - Distiller’s BlendBody & Shave Kit - Distiller’s Blend
Reserve Blend DeodorantReserve Blend Deodorant
Reserve Blend Anti-PerspirantReserve Blend Anti-Perspirant
Blue Cedar & Cypress Spray CologneBlue Cedar & Cypress Spray Cologne

Blue Cedar & Cypress

This warm, refreshing scent is evocative of a lush, woodsy forest. It’s designed with a sophisticated blend of lemon peel, cypress and cedar. There’s not an ounce of uncommon in it.

Blue Cedar & Cypress DeodorantBlue Cedar & Cypress Deodorant
Blue Cedar & Cypress Exfoliating Body BarBlue Cedar & Cypress Exfoliating Body Bar
Blue Cedar & Cypress Body WashBlue Cedar & Cypress Body Wash
2-in-1 Blue Cedar & Cypress Shampoo & Conditioner2-in-1 Blue Cedar & Cypress Shampoo & Conditioner
Blue Cedar & Cypress Anti-PerspirantBlue Cedar & Cypress Anti-Perspirant
Bourbon & Oak Spray CologneBourbon & Oak Spray Cologne

Bourbon & Oak

A smooth, lively scent with a spicy spirit. Bourbon & Oak is designed with a layered blend of distiller’s spices, bourbon and white oak. It’s perfect for the modern gentleman who’s not afraid to turn some heads.

Bourbon & Oak Exfoliating Body BarBourbon & Oak Exfoliating Body Bar
Bourbon & Oak Body WashBourbon & Oak Body Wash
2-in-1 Bourbon & Oak Shampoo & Conditioner2-in-1 Bourbon & Oak Shampoo & Conditioner
Bourbon & Oak DeodorantBourbon & Oak Deodorant
Bourbon & Oak Anti-PerspirantBourbon & Oak Anti-Perspirant
Silver Water & Birch Spray CologneSilver Water & Birch Spray Cologne

Silver Water & Birch

An energizing, refreshing scent. This complex scent is designed with a combination of a deep forest spring water accord, lavender and white musk. It’s perfect for warm, sunny days and those who like to keep it simple and elegant.

Silver Water & Birch Anti-PerspirantSilver Water & Birch Anti-Perspirant
2-in-1 Silver Water & Birch Shampoo & Conditioner2-in-1 Silver Water & Birch Shampoo & Conditioner
Silver Water & Birch Body WashSilver Water & Birch Body Wash
Silver Water & Birch Shave CreamSilver Water & Birch Shave Cream
2-in-1 Sage & Citrus Shampoo & Conditioner2-in-1 Sage & Citrus Shampoo & Conditioner

Sage & Citrus

A crisp, revitalizing scent for all occasions. Designed with an energizing combination of dry mountain sage, crisp mandarin and revitalizing patchouli.

Sage & Citrus Anti-PerspirantSage & Citrus Anti-Perspirant
Sage & Citrus Body WashSage & Citrus Body Wash
Sage & Citrus DeodorantSage & Citrus Deodorant
Sage & Citrus Shave CreamSage & Citrus Shave Cream
Body & Shave Kit - Sage & CitrusBody & Shave Kit - Sage & Citrus
Citrus & Mint Leaf Anti-PerspirantCitrus & Mint Leaf Anti-Perspirant
Cooling Citrus & Mint Leaf Body WashCooling Citrus & Mint Leaf Body Wash

Citrus & Mint Leaf

A brisk scent with the skin-tingling qualities of peppermint oil to cool skin as you wash. Designed with a forward-thinking combination of citrus, mint and added cooling ingredients.

Citrus & Mint Leaf Spray CologneCitrus & Mint Leaf Spray Cologne
Citrus & Mint Leaf DeodorantCitrus & Mint Leaf Deodorant
Deluxe Beard Care Kit - Bourbon VanillaDeluxe Beard Care Kit - Bourbon Vanilla
Cooling Shave CreamCooling Shave Cream

Bourbon Vanilla

A distinctive scent of spiced bourbon and oaked vanilla. Layered and complex, it evolves as you wash giving you a truly unique scent experience. Available exclusively at Walmart.

2-in-1 Cooling Shampoo & Conditioner2-in-1 Cooling Shampoo & Conditioner
Cooling Beard OilCooling Beard Oil
Cooling Beard & Scruff CreamCooling Beard & Scruff Cream
Cooling Beard Wash & SoftenerCooling Beard Wash & Softener
Cedar Forest Beard WashCedar Forest Beard Wash
Cedar Forest Blend Beard BalmCedar Forest Blend Beard Balm


Cedar Forest Beard & Scruff SoftenerCedar Forest Beard & Scruff Softener
Cedar Forest Blend Beard & Scruff CreamCedar Forest Blend Beard & Scruff Cream
Cedar Forest Beard OilCedar Forest Beard Oil
Thickening Shampoo Juniper & EucalyptusThickening Shampoo Juniper & Eucalyptus
2-in-1 Juniper & Eucalyptus Shampoo & Conditioner2-in-1 Juniper & Eucalyptus Shampoo & Conditioner

Cedar Forest

A crisp, revitalizing scent that transport you to a lush, woodsy forest.

Wild Mint Beard & Face WashWild Mint Beard & Face Wash
Wild Mint Beard OilWild Mint Beard Oil
Wild Mint 2-in-1 Beard Wash & SoftenerWild Mint 2-in-1 Beard Wash & Softener
Wild Mint Beard & Scruff SoftenerWild Mint Beard & Scruff Softener
Wild Mint Beard & Scruff CreamWild Mint Beard & Scruff Cream

Juniper & Eucalyptus

A sophisticated balance of aromatic herbs, botanicals and crisp woods. Layered and complex, it evolves as you lather, leaving you feeling invigorated and smelling like a true gentleman should.

Wild Mint Beard BalmWild Mint Beard Balm
Seagrass & Driftwood Body WashSeagrass & Driftwood Body Wash

Wild Mint

It’s lightly scented with natural essential oils for a supremely fresh and long-lasting clean feel.

Exfoliating Pacific Sea Salt & Grapefruit Body WashExfoliating Pacific Sea Salt & Grapefruit Body Wash
Spice & Black Vanilla Spray CologneSpice & Black Vanilla Spray Cologne
Coconut Mango Shave CreamCoconut Mango Shave Cream
French Lavender Shave CreamFrench Lavender Shave Cream
Sandalwood Shave CreamSandalwood Shave Cream
2-in-1 Distiller's Blend (Reserve Collection) Shampoo & Conditioner2-in-1 Distiller's Blend (Reserve Collection) Shampoo & Conditioner
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Seagrass & Driftwood

An airy, citrus scent bursting with life. This adventurous combination of sea salt, cardamom and sun-washed cedar is ideal for the discerning gentleman who wants to bring the outdoors in.

Sage & Citrus Exfoliating Body BarSage & Citrus Exfoliating Body Bar
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Pacific Sea Salt & Grapefruit

A bright aquatic scent with notes of citrus and sea salt.

Bourbon Vanilla Spray CologneBourbon Vanilla Spray Cologne

Spice & Black Vanilla

A sensual, spicy scent. Designed with a soothing blend of Kashmiri cardamom, cashmere woods and vanilla bourbon, you’ll make a big statement without speaking a single word.

2-in-1 Bourbon Vanilla Shampoo & Conditioner2-in-1 Bourbon Vanilla Shampoo & Conditioner

Coconut Mango

Sweet and tropical, this scent will make you crave your shave.

Bourbon Vanilla Body WashBourbon Vanilla Body Wash

French Lavender

Soothe your senses with the fresh, calming scent of French Lavender.

Bourbon Vanilla Shave CreamBourbon Vanilla Shave Cream


A woodsy, masculine scent.

Bourbon Vanilla Beard OilBourbon Vanilla Beard Oil

Coconut Tea Tree

An invigorating blend of the tropics with green coconut and exotic tea tree.

2-in-1 Coconut Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner2-in-1 Coconut Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner

Iced Citron & Driftwood

Cool off with the invigorating and powerful scent of mint leaf, warm woods and fresh-peeled citrus.

Iced Citron & Driftwood Spray CologneIced Citron & Driftwood Spray Cologne

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