Original Shave Cream - 6oz.Original Shave Cream - 6oz.
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Distiller's Blend (Reserve Collection) Shave CreamDistiller's Blend (Reserve Collection) Shave Cream
Best Seller
Sensitive Skin Shave CreamSensitive Skin Shave Cream
Palo Santo (Reserve Collection) Shave CreamPalo Santo (Reserve Collection) Shave Cream
Cooling Shave CreamCooling Shave Cream
Sandalwood Shave CreamSandalwood Shave Cream
Sage & Citrus Shave CreamSage & Citrus Shave Cream
Silver Water & Birch Shave CreamSilver Water & Birch Shave Cream
Almond Bloom Shave CreamAlmond Bloom Shave Cream
Jasmine Tuberose (Reserve Collection) Shave CreamJasmine Tuberose (Reserve Collection) Shave Cream
Vanilla Orchid Shave CreamVanilla Orchid Shave Cream
Coconut Mango Shave CreamCoconut Mango Shave Cream
French Lavender Shave CreamFrench Lavender Shave Cream
Cremo Company Heritage Black Shave KitCremo Company Heritage Black Shave Kit
Online exclusive
Cremo Barber Grade Shave KitCremo Barber Grade Shave Kit
Barber Grade Shave Git Set – Sensitive SkinBarber Grade Shave Git Set – Sensitive Skin
Vanilla Orchid Shave SetVanilla Orchid Shave Set
Save 16%
Coconut Mango Shave SetCoconut Mango Shave Set
Save 16%
Bourbon Vanilla Shave CreamBourbon Vanilla Shave Cream
Heritage Collection Shave CreamHeritage Collection Shave Cream
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Learn More About Men’s Shaving Cream

Our Barber Grade Shaving Creams give you a close, comfortable shave that leaves your skin astonishingly soft and smooth. Our impossibly slick shave creams are formulated to fight nicks, irritation, and razor burn, so you can enjoy a soothing, clean shave.

Cremo shaving creams come in a unique variety of scents that will make shaving enjoyable and leave you smelling fresh. Do you have sensitive skin? Cremo also offers shaving cream for sensitive skin that has an essential oil blend known to help soothe skin and contains no synthetic fragrance. So, go ahead, give your shave the comfort it needs, and Beard Boldly.

How to use shaving cream:

  1. Wet your beard and skin with warm water
  2. Squeeze an almond-sized dollop into hands
  3. Massage into the skin using circular motion
  4. With your chosen razor, start shaving in small strokes with the grain
  5. Add water as needed to keep it slippery
  6. Love the shave

Tips: Prior to shaving, use Cremo Face Wash to help remove impurities that might clog up your razor. Post-shave, use cold water on your face to close the pores and lock in your shave and use Cremo Cooling Post-Shave Balm to rehydrate your skin.

For more on how to prevent razor burn, check out our blog article on How to Shave Your Face.

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