Beards used to be a craze that everyone thought would fuzz out over time. However, it looks like one way or another, the mighty beard is here to stay. And the Cremo man has realized, having a beard is more complex than just having a beard.

For instance, knowing how to shape a beard and how to style a beard are two very different things.

Like the hair on your head, the ways in which a beard can be styled, trimmed and pampered are endless. From short scruff, to medium sized beards, to the full-lumberjack, these beards can be styled and shaped to give you the look you want.

Finding a Style that Suits You

Your scruff is slowly growing out and is almost at the ‘baby-beard’ stage, now is a good time to start looking around and determining the best style of beard for your face.

However, knowing how to make your beard look good is going to take some time. There is a lot of variety out there, but the rule of thumb is that your beard and jaw should act in harmony to achieve an even-graduated oval shape.


A good small to mid-size beard. For this, aim to grow your beard downwards giving your face a longer shadow.


Like a square beard, you should grow beard downwards, trimming away the fat from the sides to create a round look. This style is good for men that have a goatee, or form of goatee which is slightly larger but well maintained.

how to shape a beard


For this look, you’ll want to grow out the sides of the beard, whilst keeping the length of the chin slightly shorter. This will give the mystique of a fuller face.


If you have a particularly strong jawline, you may want to keep things short with a slightly fuller chin.

Beard care tips

Caring for your beard to achieve your desired length and shape can take time and certainly effort. Make sure you keep a healthy beard by following our tips on ‘How to stop beard itch’.

Beard Styling Tips

Having decided on your style, you’ll now want to maintain the look through regular preening. Dependent on your style, you’ll want to trim, shave and shape certain parts of your beard.

For shaving the cheek or neck line, we recommend using a wet shaver and not an electric trimmer. Defining these points can really add to your look, so try using a safety razor and Cremo Shave Cream.

If you’re trimming your beard down, use an electric razor, but go carefully. Less is more, and if you start taking too much off, you can quickly ruin the look you’re trying to achieve.

If you’re really nervous about ruining your look, head on down to a tried and tested Barber. They should be familiar with all looks and styles, but remember to tell them exactly what you want and show a picture of your desired style if necessary.

Best beard styling products

Styling your beard is important as styling the hair on your head or prepping for a slick, comfortable shave. Only Astonishingly Superior will make the cut, but which ones help you in styling your beard?

Beard Comb

One of your best friends in styling your beard, the humble beard comb has multiple uses in allowing you to style your beard to manly masterpiece. It grooms and shapes facial hair, distributes Beard Oil or Balm and removes loose hair.

Beard Brush

Perfect as a pre-styler and getting your beard into shape after a shower. A beard brush evenly distributes product and detangle the toughest of knots. Great for really big beards!

Beard Oil, Balm & Creams

Not only these products reduce beard ailments and restore moisture, it also strays runaway hairs and allows you to style the beard in a consistent, stylish manner.

Blow dryer

This trick is especially useful for those wondering how to shape a long beard.

Using a blow dryer (with a brush or comb) can help style your beard further and straighten out tangled hair.

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