How to Shave Your Armpits - 7 Best Armpit Shaving Tips

Don’t take shaving your armpits for granted, just because you think it’s a quick and easy job because of the small area, it doesn’t mean you can skimp on doing it the right way.

Due to where they are located, the armpits can present problems, such as delicate skin, odd shapes and an unfamiliar place to shave. Also, tie in the fact that hair grows super-quick, and you’ll now come to realize you might have to give this longer thought after all.

Have no fear though, Cremo is here to help you get the smoothest, silkiest underarms imaginable. If you follow these tips, you might even shorten the time spent doing this chore.

  1. Tip 1 – Use the right razor
  2. Tip 2 – Change the blade often
  3. Tip 3 – Time your shave
  4. Tip 4 – Exfoliate
  5. Tip 5 – Use Shave Cream
  6. Tip 6 – Shave in the right direction
  7. Tip 7 – Protect

Use the right razor

Razors come in many forms and sizes, from cartridge to straight razor and everything in between. Whatever razor you use, make sure you consider something that you’re comfortable with and have used before with good results.

Change the blade often

Having a dull blade can cause you a lot of trouble and pain if you are not careful. When a blade has been used many times or has not been cleaned properly in-between shaves, the blade can lose its sharpness and become dull. If this happens to your blade, it requires you to add more pressure to the blade just to cut the hair, which can lead to irritation. Make sure to change your blade every 3 to 4 shaves and make sure to rinse off after use and store in a dry place.

Time your shave

Deciding what time to shave can be just as important as the shave itself. If you have a big event coming up, schedule the shave for the night before. This gives your skin time to help recover from razor burn, bumps or any other irritation which may occur.


Just like the skin on your face, your underarms will thank you for exfoliating the area before you begin to shave. You can exfoliate by rubbing a brush over the underarm area or by using an exfoliating scrub. Whatever you choose, this process helps to break up bacteria and remove skin before you shave.

Shave in the right direction

Hair on your legs generally grows downwards, which make it easier to shave in the direction of the hair growth. Underarm hair is a different story, as hair here can grow in many different directions. Make sure to pull the skin taut to create a flat surface and shave first downwards, then across and finally upwards. This allows you to get a close and comfortable shave.

Use a shave cream

Your underarms are sensitive. Do yourself a favor and pick up a good shaving cream like Cremo French Lavender. Shaving creams help prepare the skin and help ease friction by allowing the blade to glide over the shaving area.

cremo French lavender women shave cream


No matter how good the shave, make sure to add moisture back to the underarms by using a good Post Shave Balm. Post shave balms help nullify any cuts and add moisture back to the skin. For added benefit to the newly shaved area, wear non-chaffing clothing like cotton.

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