NO. 508 Heritage Red Spray Cologne

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Smell Uncommonly Good

Our Heritage Red Collection is born from the grooming traditions of the past and designed for today’s modern gentleman. Designed with a distinctive combination of Brazilian mandarin, exotic spices and crystallized amber, Heritage Red is elegant and timeless. Designed to perfection by our master scent specialists and produced using thoughtfully curated ingredients, our Colognes are a true sensory experience: complex, layered formulas that are uncommonly good - and unmistakably Cremo.

  • Smooth, warm and intoxicating
  • Layered and complex scent designed by Cremo’s scent experts
  • Long-lasting scent that doesn’t overpower
  • A scent you’d expect to find in a high-end boutique without going to a high-end boutique
  • Spiced Amber scent

Alcohol Denat., Fragrance, Water

  • Spray on wrist
  • Dab pulse points on wrists
  • Press against neck for longer-lasting scent

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