The story of our good ‘Uncommon Scents’ – Cremo Body Wash

Refreshing blue cedarwood, aromatic cypress and a citrus zest. Mountain sage and crisp mandarin. Smoked bourbon. Oak. Not very common scents. Even more uncommon in Body Wash...

Our goal was to present a more refined shower experience using scents you’d typically find at a high end boutique (without actually finding yourself at a high end boutique.) Each scent was developed by some of the finest fragrance houses in the world, designed exclusively using only the most premium ingredients. These fragrances are layered and complex, so they evolve as you shower, revealing the richness and depth of the top, middle and base notes.

Creating something that is fit to wear the Cremo crown takes years of research and development. A lot of work is done behind closed doors to get our consumer the best smelling body washes for men (or so we think, anyway!) on the market, and before it hits the shelves of retailers, the fastidious processes of quality control, management and assurance are a testament to creating something Astonishingly Superior.

To deliver these truly unique scents, Cremo sought the help of one of the top ‘noses’ in the business, Lisa Wilson, Principal and Founder of Scent & Strategy. Selected to join the Cremo team for her background in designing, developing, marketing, and sales of scented products, Lisa’s keen nose for this highly nuanced creative process and her 25 years of experience, was critical in ensuring the Cremo idea became a reality.

After years of research coupled with a commitment to create the most unique body wash fragrances available, Cremo Body Wash was born. Fragrances rich enough and unique enough to wear the Cremo Crown. To better understand the story of Cremo’s good ‘Uncommon Scents’ please enjoy this video: view here

If you enjoyed that video and would like to learn more about each individual scent and the story behind it, you can see more about the journey with Lisa below.

Men's Scented Body Washes

Blue Cedar and Cypress

Our Blue Cedar and Cypress Body Wash is a brisk, woody scent reminiscent of freshly-cut trees in a mossy forest.

Sage and Citrus

Our Sage and Citrus Body Wash is a revitalizing, herbaceous scent with the ultimate balance of bright mandarin, brisk herbs and warm woods.

Bourbon and Oak

Our Bourbon and Oak Body Wash is a lively, rich scent with a perfect blend of spices, smoked wood and vanilla bourbon.

Citron and Vetiver

Our Citron and Vetiver Body Wash is a fresh, citrus scent with grapefruit, peppery ginger and cleansing woods for the uber-clean experience.
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