7 Items That Should Be In Your Beard Grooming Kit

Grooming a beard requires specific skills, various specialized products, and a lot of patience.

Beard grooming should be modified to fit the needs of every beardsman. As there are all different lengths, shapes, and styles of beards, a variety of grooming products are needed. A good beard grooming kit will cater to every stage of your beard growing journey.

This post breaks down the importance of a beard grooming kit and the essential beard care products every beardsman should have in theirs.

Why Do You Need a Beard Grooming Kit?

You might be asking yourself - do beard kits really work? The Answer- Absolutely. Your beard will be itchy, dry, and unkempt without the proper products and care. Your beard needs to stay properly moisturized and nourished to look its best. But not all products and tools are created equal. Choosing high-quality products specialized just for beards is essential in keeping your beard clean, neat, and healthy.

What Should Be In Your Beard Grooming Kit?

Starting with the right beard grooming products and tools is the first step toward caring for your beard. We’ve created a list of staple beard grooming products we recommend for beginner bearders to experienced ones. Check out our gift sets for bundled products for your very own beard kit.

Beard Kit

Essential Beard Care Products:

Beard Wash

Beard wash is crucial to clean your beard and remove the dirt, oils, and wax that build up over time. Cremo’s superior beard wash formula is gentler than regular shampoo intended for the head and allows the hair to keep essential oils while still cleansing the facial hair and skin. The rich lather and complex uncommon scents make washing your beard an enjoyable experience while bringing some much-needed bounce and body back to your whiskers.

After washing, you will want to dry your beard correctly before applying products.

Beard Face Wash Wild Mint

Beard Softener

Beard softeners leave your beard softer and more manageable once you get out of the shower. Instead of silicone, Cremo has created a formula of barber-quality moisturizers to penetrate thick facial hair and soften them with a superior blend of vitamins and nutrients. Cremo beard softener not only combats beard itch and dryness but leaves your hair looking smooth and feeling soft to the touch. This product can be used on its own or accompanied by beard wash to replenish the moisture that might have been stripped away with washing.

beard softener distillers blend

Beard Oil

Beard oil is a MUST. Beard oils are a blend of carrier and essential oils that not only hydrate your existing hair follicles but absorb into the pores of your skin, restoring and conditioning your beard from the inside out. This multi-talented product keeps your beard smelling fresh and reduces itching while moisturizing your skin. Cremo beard oils feel light and fresh on your skin and facial hair so they are easy to adapt into your everyday routine. Read up on just how important beard oil is for your beard.

Beard Oil Palo Santo

Beard Balm

Beard balms act as a leave-in conditioner that moisturizes, conditions, styles, and softens your beard. Cremo balms superior blend of shea butter to hydrate, sunflower oil to promote growth, and beeswax to ‘lock in’ moisture that releases slowly giving you your best beard all day long. As a bonus, the balm's thicker texture gives you more styling control for those particularly unruly beard hairs. Read up on all benefits of using beard balm and how to add it to your beard regime best.

Beard Balm Cedar Forest

Beard Brush

A beard brush reaches beneath the beard hair pulling away dead skin, built-up oils, and loose hairs. Brushing your beard can make it look fuller and thicker as it draws your hair away from your face to help give the appearance of a heftier beard. Regularly brushing your beard will help train the hairs to stay where you brush them over time. Cremo’s Beard Brush has an ergonomic wood handle that fits perfectly in your hand for optimal movement and control. Cremo’s firm natural boar bristles absorb and evenly distribute product and detangle even the toughest knots, unlike synthetic bristles.

Beard Accessory Brush

Beard Comb

Beard combs are great for detangling beard hairs and getting rid of knots for longer beards. Your beard comb should have two sides. Use the wider teeth side for your thicker, longer beard hairs that might get knotted easily. It's best to start at the bottom of your beard and move upward to prevent larger knots. The smaller teeth side is best for your mustache. Combing through your beard will also help remove any loose hairs. Cremo’s Beard Comb is 100% sandalwood to prevent snags and static. It aids in grooming and shaping facial hair and distributes those oh so crucial natural sebum oil cutting down on beard frizz and flyaways. While they have similarities, we recommend having both a beard comb and a beard brush in your beard kit.

Beard Accessory Comb

Beard Shears

Beard Shears are a great tool to have in your arsenal as they can work with beards of all sizes while trimmers and other tools are limited to shorter lengths. They also have the versatility to keep not only your beard but any other hair that grows out of your face tidy. Cremo’s Beard Shears, made of the highest quality steel, stay sharp to give you precision and control when trimming away unwanted hairs. They include a mini comb and case perfect for mustache care and travel as a bonus.

Beard Accessory Shears

In Summary

While you can benefit from all these items, you don’t need to get them all at once. Your beard journey is unique to you, and your beard grooming kit should be as well.

Our suggestion? We recommend starting with some beard wash/beard softener, beard oil to moisturize and nourish your beard, and a beard brush to style and exfoliate. From there, note what is working for you and where your beard might need some help. As your beard grows, you will want to add beard balm, a beard comb, and beard shears to your beard care kit. Play around with what products work best with your beard and create a consistent beard care routine. Your beard will thank you.

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