5 tips on how to use a hair dryer, for men

Do guys use hair dryers? The short answer is yes, but to get more from your hair dryer, we recommend you take a look at our top tips with Barber Callum Marks from Lukas Barber's.

Many men still believe that all they need is towel dry hair and a styling product to get the look they’re after. Although this may be the case for some men guys, most will be disappointed, blaming a perfectly good, hi-performance styling product – now relegated to the drawer of shame - for their own lack of imagination and skill.

Why you should use a hair dryer

Your hair generally falls in a certain direction through years of styling or brushing. No matter how good a grooming product is, your hair is programmed to act a certain way, and if you don’t tackle the issue head on, your hair will fall back into its normal routine. That’s great, if you like your hair the way it’s always been, but less great if you’re after a new look.

So why does a hair dryer help? Well, when your hair is damp, it can be set in a new direction, making possible new looks and styles that were never open to you before.

So, let’s take a look at how to get the most from blow drying your hair and achieve that look you’ve always wanted!

Hair drying tips

Don’t get too close

Hold the hair dryer at least 6 inches from your hair. This keeps you from burning (or over-drying) the hair cuticle and also gives you the space to direct your hair the way you want it to go.

Get in and get out

Using a hair dryer for too long will damage your hair. Try to limit the heat to a medium setting, or make sure you’re not spending too long on certain sections. A short hair style won’t take long to dry, so set the shape and direction you want your hair to go, and then stop.

Know what you want and stick to it

Before you begin, decide on the style and let the hair dryer do the work. Style your hair in the desired direction using the heat of the dryer and a brush or your hands. Don’t just use a hair dryer in a haphazard way or you’ll end up looking like you’ve just gotten out of bed-- give it some purpose!

Want more or less volume, no worries

You want your hair to lay flatter? Just use the hair dryer and aim downwards in that area. You want more volume? Easy!! just aim your hair dryer in an upward direction, from root to tip.

Lock it in

Once you have the general direction/look you want for your hair, it’s time to use the cool setting on the hair dryer. A blast of cool will set the hair in place by closing the cuticle, almost like freezing the hair in to place.

The finishing touch

Now that your hair is roughly in place, your style is almost complete. Finish off with a Cremo hair styling product of your choice for extra hold, shine or matte finish. Make sure to fully emulsify the product into your palm and apply the product from root to tip.

Barber Tip

If you want extra hold, you might want to apply a hair styling product when your hair is damp and before blow-drying. In particular, use a product that contains PVP, like Cremo Thickening Paste or Shine Pomade.

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