Cremo 'No Mix, No Mess' Hair & Beard Color. Unlike some hair color systems, this requires no messy mixing or gloves. You simply connect the applicator brush, shake, comb it in and after about 5 or 10 minutes, your hair will be back to its natural color. No mix. No mess. Plus, you can save it for touch-ups later. You don’t just toss it after one use. That's just cash in the trash.

What’s also great about this product is it colors both your hair and your facial hair, so you get even results. This has typically only been achieved with separate systems. And like all Cremo products, it’s designed with astonishingly high standards.

Here's the fun stuff, how you apply the product.

Choosing the right color

There are a variety of shades available. Pick the one that best matches your natural color. And when in doubt, go a shade lighter, because you can always go darker later.

hair and beard color spectrum

Before you start

Precaution: It’s really important to read the safety advisory and perform the skin allergy patch test 48 hours before use. These are on the instructions inside the box or you can just click on this helpful link.

Applying the Hair and Beard Color product

Ok, once you’re sure that you’re not allergic, it’s time to get coloring.

You’ll need some basics: a towel, shampoo and optional, these Cremo Face & Body Wipes or petroleum jelly. You can use the wipes to remove excess foam or the jelly to block it from staining the skin in areas close to the hair you will be coloring.

You'll also need the pre-mixed color canister, the snap-on foaming brush applicator, a small detail comb, and those instructions we told you to read (c’mon, just read them, I know they’re not real page turners, but it’s mandatory reading).

cremo hair and beard dye

First, snap on the applicator, then, shake it vigorously for about 5-10 seconds.

For best results, you’ll want to comb into dry, clean hair. It’s best if there’s no product in your hair. Just press the red button to dispense foam and dispense enough to cover the bristles.

Applying to your hair

Wait a few seconds for foam to settle then comb directly into hair. Start in the obvious areas, the gray hairs. But cover everywhere for even results. Be sure to get into the roots to avoid any two-tone action. You’ll notice it absorbs fairly quickly.

Continue to dispense foam and comb in until hair is evenly covered. Pay extra attention to the back of your head, as this is obviously harder to see on your own. Try an extra mirror to help.

How to use Cremo hair and beard color

Applying to bearded area

This is designed to work for both hair and facial hair, that way you’ll get even results, and you don’t have the hassle of having to set up a separate color system. So depending on your length of beard, you can either comb it in with the regular brush, or use the detailing tool for shorter beards.

Just swipe some of the foam from the applicator and start combing it in. Be thorough and be sure to color the hair all the way to the skin, you don’t want to just color the tips. For small areas like the moustache or sideburns, use the smaller side of detail comb.

cremo hair and beard color tool

The process

Once its evenly covered, wait 5 to 10 minutes. The product starts to work in 5 minutes, but you can leave it in longer if you’re not noticing the color you want. For many guys, 5 minutes should do the trick.

Now shower and shampoo as usual and continue rinsing until the water runs clear.

Product cleanup is a snap. Or an unsnap. Simply release the brush from the canister. Rinse it clean with warm water. And store it away until next use.

The final look

And here it is, the final look. It’s like you’ve traveled back to 2010.

How to use Cremo hair and beard color

Don’t mess around when it comes to your hair color. Color your hair the easy way with Cremo Hair & Beard Color.