Are you ready to be Magnetic with the deep-cleaning power of activated charcoal?

Are you ready to be Magnetic with the deep-cleaning power of activated charcoal?

by Justin Bullock
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Cremo’s deep cleaning, activated charcoal products have a magnetic power to remove impurities, draw out dirt, unclog pores, detoxify the skin, reduce oil and eliminate blackheads, leaving your face smooth, moisturized and clean. All while making you a little more magnetic to those around you, too.

Deep-cleaning? How’s that different from regular cleaning?

When you clean, you are essentially washing away anything on the surface. When you deep clean, you are actually drawing the bacteria, dirt and toxins that are buried deep in your pores and bringing them up to the surface of your skin. That’s where activated charcoal comes in -- it helps pull all that nasty stuff out thanks to its magnetic-like properties.

So what exactly is activated charcoal?

Sounds strange, right? Almost like there’s an on and off switch. Activated charcoal is made by combining carbon with different gases, like argon and nitrogen, and ex- posed to very high temperatures.

Through this process, called activation, the carbon develops pores (small pockets of space on its surface) that vastly increase the surface area.

This increased surface area makes activated charcoal highly effective at removing toxins and impurities from the skin -- just like a magnet. The activated charcoal molecules also develop a coarse texture, which helps gently exfoliate the skin. There’s simply no better way to Put Your Best Face Forward.

How does it make you more magnetic?

Simple. It makes your skin look and feel better. Which makes you more handsome and happy. Which makes other people want to be around you more. And well, you get the idea.

Draw dirt, oil and other impurities out. Draw people in with your magnetic personality.Blackheads, impurities, toxins and oil don’t stand a chance against the power of activated charcoal.

Put your Best Face Forward with Cremo Face Products

Cremo Face & Charcoal Products are available at Meijer, Rite Aid, Target, CVS Pharmacy and H-E-B.